Kid Quotes

Don’t Wanna Grow Up

“Mommy, I never want to grow up.”
“Why’s that, buddy?”
“I never want to change stinky diapers.”

~My 4-year-old

“When I grow up, I’m just going to drop all the kids off at daycare and school and then just go home. Maybe go to the grocery store.”

~My clearly ambitious 4-year-old


Money Hacks

Luvs Coupon Stack: 5-cents/diaper: May 2016

I’m pretty much the perfect example of Luv’s new campaign “The Official Diaper of Experienced Moms” They work the best for my daughter because they’re not as stiff under tight leggings as Target brand and I can usually find great deals. Here’s the latest deal that works best at Dollar General this Saturday, but you… Continue reading Luvs Coupon Stack: 5-cents/diaper: May 2016