About Me

I’m a working mom. Kind of hope you picked that up from the blog address…otherwise, we’re going to have to do quite a bit of extraneous explaining around here. Which I’m pretty good at. Brevity is not my strong suit.

I started this blog after my sister-in-law asked me which blogs I followed that helped give working moms ideas of how to keep it together. (And by “together”, I mean arrive at your job less than 10 minutes late with hot oatmeal in your purse because you didn’t have time to eat it during school drop-off.)  I had none. I joked that blogs from moms in our situations with full-time careers + young kids + busy husbands (teachers in both our cases) probably don’t exist because what working mom do you know has the time?

So why me?  Well, if there is one thing I enjoy doing, it’s giving advice. Sometimes unwanted, sometimes unwise, but ask me for my opinion and you’re apt to get an earful. I get excited when I get those “How are we doing as a vendor?” surveys at work because hold-on-to-your-surveymonkey, do I have plenty to say. When people compliment me on something I own, I LOVE giving a detailed explanation of the latest website I found to get free clothes or the coupon stacking deal I discovered. I like helping people find #shoppinghacks, #savinghacks, #foodhacks, #lifehacks, #familyhacks, #workhacks, so I decided to umbrella this all under #workingmomhacks.

If you’re looking for simple hacks to help make being a working mom…work, stick around.

I love building community and sharing ideas, so consider following me on facebook or twitter or pinterest and leave comments to contribute to the conversation!

Disclaimer: I may include affiliate links when appropriate throughout the blog where I receive compensation from a company for purchases made using my links, but this will never affect your price and I’ll always provide my honest opinion.



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